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D.A.M. Beautiful songs of harrowing despair and sleepless nights. Love the photography too. Favorite track: Anchored in Pain, Dead to the World.
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released January 12, 2012

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Max Senna in Emeryville in December, 2011.




Burn Idols Long Beach, California

Eric, Traz, Ian, Luka... Rest In Piece

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Track Name: Anchored in Pain, Dead to the World
"May 1373

I wished that sickness to be so severe that it might seem mortal, whilst I myself should think that I was dying, and everyone who saw me would think the same; for I wanted no comfort from any human, earthly life in that sickness. I wanted to have every kind of pain, bodily and spiritual, which I should have if I had died, every fear and temptation from devils, and every other kind of pain except the departure of the spirit. I intended this because I wanted to be purged by God’s mercy, and afterwards live more to his glory because of that sickness; because I hoped that this would be to my reward when I should die, because I desired soon to be with my God and my Creator."

- Julian of Norwich, A Book of Showings
Track Name: This Sterile Ethic Breathes
Defeated. Defeating.
Heroism is a myth; we are all to blame for what will come and what has passed

defenders of freedom/ killers, rapists
and I, the common man
feed into this evil, suffer through their lies
butchers let to live another day in man’s disguise

Go on donning white, but our luxuries paint the sky black

we all stand by as burning tears coat the earth
we all watch on as we exterminate all that we are worth
our children’s cancer, brought by insatiable greed
there’s an answer to these problems, but its assumed too far out of reach

give up this life of excess; give up but what you need

if there is a sin, it is the birth of another child
if there is a good, it is lost
if there are happy endings, we deserve them last
and if we want any change we will learn from our past,
or this world will burn and descend into madness.
Track Name: A Thorn in Our Side
how long until we reject the very notion that lapdogs of capital, guardians of greed, are capable of reasoning? something changes within a mind when it’s given power over another.

“this isn’t real; it’s fucking slavery,” she said as I looked into her eyes.
all they want is to tell her it will be okay
all they want is to lie
to calm before they take everything that remains.

never could I feel
nothing as I destroy
all I feel
Track Name: It Fosters a Disconnection
we’re chosen, a chosen few
conversation boiled down to interviews
mistrust, division of life creates environment for subservient minds
full of plugged in love, false images of life
to undo this progress, we’re running out of time
we have forgotten what love truly is
bleeding out, bleeding out

autonomy is forever out of reach if we continue to alienate our sisters, our brothers..
solidarity, growing for the betterment of ourselves and others.
we must relearn to love all life
or we will have nothing
except tract housing, strip malls, and suicides
unrest rising, and I’m feeling like there’s nothing
alone for days and I’m tired of dark circles underneath my eyes.
we’re done with it all.
Track Name: From Finity
i have seen the red in it’s eyes
i have tasted the blood on it’s lips
unrelenting socializing
followed to the death
cut the tumor, rend off it’s head

peel away at the white paint
until all that is left is the truth:
we are fodder, fattened and sickly
raised to feed the beast, bred to fill the role
never to get up off our knees;
our every thought is controlled

we’re nothing but slaves
and we are promised all our lives
the final step: ascension
Track Name: Lulls us to False Security
falling, falling
civilization means nothing when the environment’s death is imminent
falling in circles
where buildings crumble, trees will grow

fight back against kings and tyrants
make vengeance swift on those who’ve scorched the earth

ours is the new dawn
look past the fire, forget their hate

as the sapling rises from the aftermath of a forest fire
we shall begin anew
rage, coward, rage.
Track Name: Our Life in Silence
no matter what I say, only I will truly listen
if i take your hand and spill out my confession
your translation: a hundred miles away
the first of its kind, my individual mind, will end with me
will rot into the earth in 60 something years
but these finite cells, these fallible organs, that make up my body bare
striking similarities to those who surround me
bleed through across our plane, showing we’re the same in superficial ways
we all hold a common, a prisoner in our personal hells
this hell keeps me numb and blind to the ones that i love
so please understand when i say

i can never begin to understand you
i just know you’ll try your best
and when it’s time for us to part
life goes on for the rest

“It is of course imagination on my part if I now maintain that at the time I already felt that something had come into my life, mine and none other, that I alone would have to bear with me henceforth, for ever and ever. I see myself lying in my little cot, not sleeping, somehow vaguely foreseeing that that was how life would be: full of special things that are intended for one person only and cannot be put into words;

what is certain is that, little by little, a sad and weighty pride uprose within me. I pictured what it would be like to go through life filled with inner experience, in silence. I felt a passionate sympathy for adults; I admired them, and resolved to tell them so.”

-p 62, The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge